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Space Inch began by building award-winning games

We mastered mobile data to understand customers

We increased per-user revenue 500% for our biggest game

35 million downloads

How we work

Customer Behavior + Business Goals
= Meaningful Technology








More intuitive
& faster

Goal: redesign CYC's app to be more intuitive and drive key activities. CYC is one of the fastest growing fin-tech companies in the U.S.

The Process: we used analytics to define key activities, then combined steps in payment flows and enabled faster transactions. The final product met the most stringent cybersecurity standards, was WCAG 2.0 compliant, and is now being used by the employees of Citi, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Health startups

Visionary palliative healthcare app

Goal: Build a visionary palliative care app with a feel-good user experience for chronically ill patients and their caregivers.

The Process: We worked hard to make this product simple and intuitive for non-traditional app users. It was imperative that it doesn't feel "clinical" or "cold" like so much med-tech is. We did our best to make the experience fun and engaging as a way to encourage and strengthen the relationship between patients and caregivers.


Intuitive Design to Understand the Numbers

The new web app applied an intuitive UI to an operational intelligence solution for cities.

Users can view data necessary to manage a city's traffic. As a result, end users achieved faster collaboration between departments and agencies.


Beautifully Curated Artwork, Seamless e-Commerce Experience

Space Inch designed a simple, intuitive application that allowed beautiful images to do the talking.

This comprehensive e-commerce application, created an engaging and satisfying experience for customers.


A Hit that Started a Genre, and Keeps Trucking

Make it Rain was the first mobile "idle" game to top the US download charts. Hundrers of games have been made in its image.

Consistent work understanding user behavior and tweaking mechanics has yielded 5x higher life time values per user over 4 years.


Visually Stunning Games that Lead the field

Infinite Skater created a visual experience unlike any game launched on the App Store.

It was featured by Apple and the AppleTV version received an Editor's Choice feature.


Game Innovation At Its Best

"Football Stars" provides real time performance data to fans who challenge each other across the globe.

The combination of daily and season-long contests is unique in the fantasy sports world.

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